Freeter Ie wo Kau SP


One year has passed since Take Seiji became a full time employee at Oetsu Construction. The Take family, having moved into their new home, have been living there peacefully until Sumiko’s brother shows up one day while she is out, and Seiji and Ayako discovers that their parents had in fact married despite objection from Sumiko’s family.

Also, Manami, in the midst of her internship in Okayama, is coming back to Tokyo for a week, and so Seiji and Manami are finally able to reunite. Manami’s father had passed away when she was young and her mother, Sayuri, had remarried since then. Growing up in such an environment, Manami had fostered a complicated relationship with her mother, and because of that the prospect of marriage wasn`t appealing to her.

Seiji, having just started his new life, hadn’t really given much thought to marriage, but after meeting Manami’s mother, he is shocked to learn how Manami feels about her mother and towards marriage. But one day, on the way home from drinking with the Oetsu Construction members, Seiji and Manami come across an abandoned kitty. After promising to take care of the kitty only until a new owner is found, Manami is able to take care of the kitty at her mother`s home. But, while Manami is out at work, the kitty becomes ill and Manami’s mother not knowing what to do contacts Manami and so Seiji decides to take care of the kitty in the meantime. And, the very presence of the kitty becomes a turning point for both the Take family and Manami`s relationship with her mother… — Fuji TV

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