From Hong Kong to Beijing (2023)


Xu Gangren, a senior executive of a property management company, took advantage of luck and his career was going smoothly. However, he and his wife Helen Kwong accidentally fell into an investment scam and suffered heavy losses. Hong Kong Ren was assigned to the Beijing branch as CEO, and saw this as an opportunity to turn around, so he and Helen went north to develop, but unexpectedly they encountered a mid-life crisis. Hong Kong Ren was forced to stay behind for the sake of face due to the rise and fall of his old enemy Ding Zhiqiang. He later met Sophie, whom he had not seen for many years, and his marriage faced a test. Food internet celebrity Xu Gangwen and street singer Xu Baoyi each have their own reasons for moving north to join their eldest brother Gangren. The family brainstorms and plans to transform an abandoned transformer factory into a cultural and creative park. Hong Kong people who are “Buddhist” must seriously fight a tough battle in life!

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