Full River Red (2023)

Trapped in a web of political treachery, a determined pawn seeks to rid the kingdom of a deceitful minister, Qin Hui. As fate intertwines with ambition, the pawn seizes a golden opportunity when Qin Hui takes charge of leading an army to the border for crucial talks with a Jurchen mission.Driven by a burning desire for justice, the pawn meticulously crafts a daring plan to expose Qin Hui's true nature and bring him to his knees. With calculated precision, the pawn gathers allies from within the court and devises a strategy to unveil Qin Hui's betrayal to the entire kingdom.As the moment of reckoning approaches, tensions escalate, and the border negotiations become a battleground of hidden agendas and secret alliances. The pawn's resolve is tested, but their unwavering determination fuels their every move.

A pawn tries to get rid of a traitorous minister, Qin Hui, when he leads an army to the border for talks with a Jurchen mission.

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