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“Futago” tells the eerie story of the happenings in a cheap hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui. Among the various guests that stay at this tacky hostel are, Dragon who runs a shoddy modeling agency, Suzie the hooker, Kwong who pirates X-rated video CD and the ruthless Tony who is a drug dealer. Uchida Asa is a Japanese girl who comes to Hong Kong in pursue of her career in the show business. She bumps into Dragon who fakes his care about her and takes her in in the hostel. Uchida Asa is, of course, deceived and ripped off by Dragon and eventually ill-fatedly killed by Tony in a mishap. Guests in the hotel are aware of the incident but take no action. They start to feel uneasy when Uchida Mio, twin sister of Asa, appears to look for her sister. This is also when the guest of this cursed hostel starts to die one by one mysteriously. The strangest thing above all is, when the police starts investigate, it happens that Asa does not have a twin sister……

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