Ghar Titli Ka Par

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The story revolves around two college friends Shafaq (Aiman khan), who belongs to a noble and rich family, and Anji. Shafaq’s family includes her father Atta, her mother Naheed and her brother Kamran. Kamran is engaged to his cousin Iram. Shafaq’s family also has a close relationship with Naheed’s sister (Shafaq and Kamran’s aunt) and her son Hassan. Hassan likes Shafaq but is never able to tell anyone.

Shafaq is kind-hearted and loved by everyone and quite rich, whereas, Anji is poor and greedy. Also, she takes pleasure by troubling others. She considers herself to be the prettiest woman on earth. She flirts with a waiter and constantly eats free food from his restaurant and takes a lot of money from him along with his jewelry. She flirts with a nearby grocery store owner and buys all the ration and luxury items for free. She constantly demands gifts and pizzas from a married neighbor. She befriends Shafaq just because of her money, because innocent Shafaq gifts her expensive things and also pays for her at the canteen always.

Anji soon understands that she can get easily rich if she marries Shafaq’s brother, Kamran so she cleverly starts luring him and his family and flirting with him. Kamran is already engaged to his childhood fiancée, and cousin, Iram, who is very kind and loving and is very close to Shafaq also. But still, Kamran falls into Anji’s trap but Shafaq’s father gets to know of it and quickly calls Iram to their house and tells her the whole situation and asks her to be alert and handle the situation. Anji is also very smart and she makes Shafaq start to hate Iram and trouble her and throw her out of the house. Soon, due to Iram’s efforts and wisdom, Kamran soon understands Anji’s true colours but still they’re not able to make Shafaq know about Anji’s truth. Iram and Kamran marry.

Anji repeatedly provokes Shafaq to take her revenge on Iram, and then marries an orphan boy of a well-to-do family in Lahore.

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