Ghisi Piti Mohabbat (2020)

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The serial follows the life of an independent and confident girl, Samia (Ramsha Khan) who works as a waitress in a restaurant. She got married again after her first divorce as her first husband, Rizwan (Wahaj Ali) was not loyal to her. Her second husband, Khalil (Shahood Alvi) murdered by his first wife at their marriage’s first night. After the death of Khalil, Samiya marries Basharat (Ali Abbas), a young guy who works with Samia and lives with her widow sister-in-law, Amtul (Javeria Abbasi). After the death of Amtul’s son, Salman (Zuhab Khan), Basharat feels bad for her sister-in-law, Amtul and decides to marry her. This time, again it becomes difficult for Samia to pursue her marital life due to Amtul’s interference and she decides to leave Basharat, disappointing her mother. She also loses her job because the restaurant shuts down and searches for a new job. It is very difficult for her to bear with any job because she is harassed wherever she goes, so she decides to open her own restaurant and succeeds in it. A new guy named Uzair (Danial Afzal) comes into her life and asks her to marry him but she rejects as she sees his flirting nature with another women.

In the end, Samia decides to live her life as an independent girl. She doesn’t want to marry anyone anymore and wants to reach the sky independently. The serial ends by showing her taking each step towards her success in life.

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