Golden Chariot in The Sky


Ppong-Ddol dreams of forming a band. One day, he picks up an old orange cart and this inspires him to name the band “Golden Chariot.” Ppong-Ddol invites his neighborhood friends to join the band which they willingly accept. Problem is, they are not that good and they also need money. Ppong-Ddol offers to Chul-Wook the job of becoming the band’s manager if he can provide funding for the band. Chul-Wook goes asks his mom for money.

Ppong-Ddol’s older brother Dong-Ho visits him for the first time in a lengthy while. They recall the past, including getting kicked out of their family. They blame each other. Both of them are also in need of money. They decide to go see their oldest brother and ask for forgiveness and some money, but their afraid of his fist.

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