Good Time (2020)

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A story that follows five grannies who live on the same street. A scam brings them together and they gradually become friends as they experience joys and sorrows together while trying to find new meaning in this journey called life.

Five ladies with different backgrounds and personalities lead their own lives as aging adults. Mei Yi (Wang Fuli) runs a cafe while still suffering from the pain of her son’s death. The arrival of the new waitress, Xiao Xue’s, completely shakes up her life.

Teacher Song scurries about day and night with a full schedule that she’s set for herself. From time to time, she becomes a source of trouble for her daughter. Liu Da Fu is the new arrival who intends to make changes in her son’s life yet ends up making him miserable.

Hong Jie is the resident local. She is not lacking in anything yet her biggest worry remains to be her children. Ai Lin is considered a beauty in their community, yet she knows the feeling of loneliness all too well. The five grannies run into each other because of a ‘health lecture’ and in trying to battle wits and will against their scammers, they become old friends.

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