Greedy Ghost

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Greedy Ghost(simplified Chinese: 贪心鬼见鬼; pinyin: Tān Xīn Guĭ Jiàn Guĭ) is a Singaporeancomedy horror film and the third film in the SingaporeGhost franchise (the first beingWhere Got Ghost?, and the second being The Ghosts Must Be Crazy; the cast differs, though), directed and written by Boris Boo. The film is executive produced by local funnyman Mark Lee, stars Kang Kang, Henry Thia, Brendan Yuen andJesseca Liu, and is about the greed of a worker at afuneral parlourcausing him to see actual ghosts. The film is Lee’s very first attempt as an executive producer and is also the inaugural time in which his talent company, Galaxy Entertainment, is funding a movie. Officially opened in cinemas on August 16, 2012, in Singapore, and on July 26, 2012, in Malyasia, filming commenced and took place in the latter.

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