Gung Hay Fat Choy (2012)

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It’s recession time, so you gotta work harder if you want to get rich! Mama Jiang and Papa Jiang have walked half their lives together, bickering all the way. The topic of fights involve living expenses, and also their brood of three children. Papa Jiang is a retired government employee, earnest and down-to-earth, happy with a peaceful life. Mama Jiang doesn’t feel the same way. Why be poor when you can be rich! So she places all her hopes and dreams on her three kids one day becoming rich, so they don’t have to worry about money like she did. Get rich? Who doesn’t want that. Even the daughter-in-law prays for her husband the eldest Jiang son will successfully start his own business so she can return to her maiden family with her head held high. But the road to riches is long and arduous, so how does a small fry successful hit the jackpot?

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