H Hypnosis


A genius serial killer named Shin Hyun (Cho Seung-Woo), who murdered six women, walks into a police station carrying a bag. He dumps the bag over an officer’s desk and mutilated body pieces of a woman fall everywhere. All the cops stop in their tracks, utterly surprised. Shin Hyun just laughs out loud. A year later, at a garbage dump, the bodies of a high school girl and her unborn child are discovered and Detective Kim (Yum Jung-Ah) and Detective Kang (Ji Jin-Hee) are assigned to the case. But in the meantime, another corpse of a pregnant woman is discovered, and Detectives Kang and Kim feel as if Shin Hyun’s serial murders a year ago are somehow related to this case as well. The case grows more mysterious as all the suspects Detectives Kang and Kim find are killed off one by one. The last, sixth victim is left and it’s a race against time to find out what evil force is behind these brutal murders.

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