Hagane no Onna 2


36-year-old Haga Ineko (nickname: Hagane) successfully passed the teachers’ exam with the support of the children of Class 4/3. She would like to say that she is still single, but Shioda Wataru, her boyfriend and former assistant form teacher of Class 4/3, proposed marriage to her. Looking at the engagement ring she received from him gives her happiness … … However, one day, Tao, a girl whose parents were deported out of the country for illegal entry into Japan, transfers to Aikawa Elementary School and to Hagane’s class. Even though she is of a different nationality, she is certainly a beloved student of Hagane’s. Hagane accepts Tao with that sentiment, but Tao, who has bitter animosity for Japanese, quickly gets into conflicts with her classmates. Hiroshi and Airi try to understand Tao, but she has firmly shut her heart off and steadily gets isolated. The final blow is a rumour that Tao had shoplifted. This spreads around the school and the bullying escalates. Is she really the culprit? Hagane, who wishes to melt the ice in Tao’s heart, heads to the elementary school that Tao had attended before her transfer and speaks to her former classmates but … …

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