Han Zi Gao: The Male Queen

Year 550. The world is submerged in a cold war that has brought misfortune to his inhabitants. Han Man Yi is a sixteen-year-old commoner teenager whose village is attacked and destroyed by enemy soldiers. Hardly managing to escape, Han Man Yi is cornered by a group of soldiers; however, he is saved by General Chen Zi Hua, who attracted by the boy’s beauty decides to take him with him. Chen Zi Hua gives Han Man Yi two options: take some money and leave or stay by his side and serve him. Having witnessed how one of his friends was murdered by the soldiers, a fearful Han Man Yi decides to enter the service of Zi Hua, who gives him the new name of “Zi Gao”. Zi Gao soon becomes the favorite concubine of Zi Hua, who in addition to filling him with attentions, stars to teaching him archery, sword handling, martial arts and to play the harp. Over the years, a candid and honest love arises between both men

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