Happiness Comes Knocking (2011)

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Jiang Lu works as a make-up artist for an acrobatics group. She’s kind, beautiful and talented, but to everyone’s bewilderment, still unmarried at the age of 35. Song Yu Sheng is the photographer of a publishing house whose wife, Xiao Yun, died in a motorcycle accident 6 years ago, leaving him a widower with 2 children, Zheng Zheng and Jun Jun. His former mother-in-law, Qian Shu Hua, repeatedly attempts to introduce him to potential romantic partners with the main intention of finding a good step-mother for her grandchildren, but Yu Sheng finds it difficult to feign interest. However, during a chance encounter with Jiang Lu at the phone kiosk outside her apartment building while trying to avoid yet another blind date set up by Shu Hua, sparks begin to fly.

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