happy funeral


Rising idol Elanne Kong stars as Ji, one of six youngsters who occupy the eponymous 6th Floor Rear Flat, the very same flat that housed the now moved-on youngsters from the original Truth or Dare. Her roommates include wannabe singer Kay (Tian Yuan of Butterfly) plus four guys, each played by one half of a singing duo. There’s Bonbon (Donald Tong of I Love U Boyz), Pang (Siu Yeah-Jim, also of I Love U Boyz), 6 Wing (played by 6 Wing, of the Edison Chen-backed hip hop group Fama), and finally C Kwan (played by, duh, C Kwan, also of Fama). Together, the six hold flat parties and lounge around, all the while pursuing unrealistic dreams or phoning in their jobs. The six do express the desire to open a business together, but a suitable idea eludes them.

That is, until the grandmother of Kay’s boyfriend passes on. Kay is required to attend the funeral, which is handled in typical Hong Kong-style, i.e., it’s exceptionally long and somber, and features performances by Taoist priests. The other five friends attend to support Kay, but become bored, and take to chatting on Facebook via their mobile phones. That’s when the idea hits them: why not start a “happy funeral business” where people can celebrate the departed person’s life rather than mourn their death? Sadly, the group doesn’t have the capital to start up such a biz, but they fortuitously run into the owner of a prosperous funeral business, played by Eric Tsang. He agrees to front them $10 million HK dollars if they can draw up a feasible business plan, complete with expenses, projected revenue, and probably helpful pie charts. Can these youngsters get their act together, learn the mysteries of Microsoft Office, and get the $10 million to fund their start-up

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