Haruko’s Paranormal Laboratory

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The craziness of our times, depicted through old television shows. Haruko is a girl who prefers to cuddle up to her old-fashioned TV set. In this wondrous story, a television can transform into a man: and this is by no means the end of the strange cheerfulness. A masterpiece of the imagination.
Angry girl Haruko is in the habit of bitching at her television. It’s an old, analogue set, which one day breaks down – then starts talking back. The television set becomes a man and Haruko falls in love with him. Absurd situations stack up in colourful images in a startling mix of pop absurdism, drawing on cult TV shows and romantic children’s television. Beneath all the craziness, however, a love story unfolds.
Haruko can’t believe her TV man is real. She thinks he must be a Yokai (a Japanese poltergeist) and that she must have paranormal talents. Haruko would prefer to keep her lover at home, but one fine day he goes out in search of work. It turns out he has a striking talent: he speaks twelve different languages. His manliness also proves to be more than satisfactory. He gets a role in a TV show and is then tricked into becoming a curiosity in a circus. Haruko loses him, but finally gets him back. Then there is even a wedding, which culminates in a hilarious martial arts scene.

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