Haunted Cop Shop

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It’s the day of the annual Festival Of Hungry Ghosts and Police Cheif Shun (Woo Fung from Red Wolf) gets a visit from a former officer (who is now a monk) who brings with him a warning. He tells Shun that if a woman in pink shows up at the station (that used to be a clubhouse for Japanese soldiers), there will be consequences, unless necessary precautions are taken. Shun shrugs off the warning and decides to go on with police business as usual. The same night the two laid back cops Mackey Kim (Jacky Cheung from Bullet In The Head) and Chiu Man (Ricky Hui from Mr. Vampire) arrests petty thief Sneaky Ming (Billy Lau from Miracles) and throws him in jail. Soon the woman in pink shows herself to Sneaky Ming and leads him into the clubhouse that was, for a lethal game of mahjong. Of course his opponents are spirits and with them they bring General Issey, a bloodthirsty vampire. This is just the beginning of the troubles for Sneaky Ming and not to mention Mackey Kim and Chiu Man…

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