Haunted House for Sale (2024)

To protect prospective buyers from unwittingly buying properties with stigmas attached, the Happy Real Estate Agency launched the “Happy Stigmatized House App” and created a special investigations team to build a map and database of stigmatized properties across the Greater Taipei region.

Faced with paying off her mother’s debts and selling the stigmatized property her missing father left behind when he disappeared 18 years ago, optimistic and hardworking agent Lu An Chi takes on the Happy Stigmatized House App assignment. Desperate for money and not afraid of ghosts, An Chi partners up with rookie assistant Yo Da Chih, who can see dead people but loses his psychic abilities whenever he sneezes. Together, they begin a series of investigations into properties that have been stigmatized for various reasons. Along the way, they are gradually changed by their profound experiences, realizing that they are not just investigators and detectives but also psychotherapists, life consultants, and even enforcers of justice.

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