Heart and Greed The Tempest Preview

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Ling Lai Ying (Louise Lee) and her husband, Wong Wing Jing (Ha Yu), worked hard from a tea restaurant to form Ka Cheong Wong Limited. Lai Ying’s younger brother, Ling Sing Fung (Bosco Wong) helps list the company but Wing Jing is opposed to it. However, Hui Nga Lun (Joseph Lee) helped Wing Jing get away with the law by pleading guilty on his behalf. He has seen the risk of bankruptcy in the century-old printing business in the Hui family and offers to help. However, Wing Jing’s sister-in-law, Leung Sun Wa (Susanna Kwan) and his younger brother, Leung Jaan (Louis Yuen) vigorously opposed the idea, in addition to a grudge held by Yue Sau Wai (Michelle Yim), who self-proclaims the Hui’s as elites. The Wong’s finally came to a merger agreement with the Hui’s to form the Hui Wong group. Unfortunately, the merger triggered a series of troubles. Conflicts arose between the grassroots and the wealthy. The Wong’s second son, Wong Wai Ga (Vincent Wong), and the Hui’s only daughter, Hui Booi Yi (Eliza Sam) is in a loving relationship which was forbidden, and eventually forced Wai Ga to leave her. Lai Ying was heartbroken until another scandal arose when her eldest daughter, Wong Yi Oi (Sharon Chan) falls in love with Jeng Lap On (Michael Tong), a married man. Sing Fung is also embroiled in a never-ending relationship with his friend, Fong Hei Man (Priscilla Wong). The two families then spiral into a long-awaited revenge feud ……

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