How far would you go for your job? Tatsuya Ikegami (Akira) works for a real estate company that is working on a large-scale urban development project that is being proposed in the city of Sachio. In order to acquire the land needed for the project, Tatsuya has to find out who the owners are. He decides to go undercover as a volunteer fire fighter in Sachio to try to find out the information. Working alongside fellow volunteer firefighters, Sakura Azumi (Chiaki Kuriyama) and Atsushi Goda (Ryuta Sato), how will Tatsuya’s perspective about his work change? “HEAT” is a 2015 Japanese drama series directed by Yoshinori Kobayashi and Genta Sato. It is based on the novel “Fireman no Yuigon” by Hiko Hatake.

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