Hello, Gentlemen (2021)


Every girl’s emotional history consists of the moments she spends with the men she’s dating. Every date benefits a young girl’s emotional development. We get excited more than once and get different results each time, but we may also have to let go. Lin Junyan, who enters a good media company in the industry with his journalistic ideal, becomes a trainee reporter. While working as a news reporter, she meets the scheming writer Zhong Shanmu, the young star Song Junan, the domineering General Manager Jin Shixi, and the helpful friendly doctor Huo Zehao. These four men with different personalities and different types of men change Lin Junyan’s life, even his entire life. After going through some events and hardships of business life in the dark world of the entertainment industry, Lin Junyan finds his true love among these four men.

PS: The synopsis of this drama has been translated from Chinese to English by “fgen” from the translated team of “Asia Dizi Filmleri ADF Blogspot & Asia Dizileri ADF – Asian Dramas ADF”. Maybe I made it could be minor translation errors.

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