Hello Misfortune (2021)

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Hubert is a nice guy who lives a difficult life. He has a menial job and is mistreated by his customers. He also takes care of his grandmother who also mistreats him.

Erica is a "spirit/angel" whose job is help or harm living people.
(when someone dies, one goes to one of the layers of Heaven. some of those spirits/angels' job is to help or harm people. each day, they are drawn a name of a living person, whether it is to help or harm, and a number (the higher the number, the greater amount of helpfulness/harm). Erica's parents died when she was young and she is fixated with seeing them (which she is able to, if she completes her job and is promoted to a higher layer of Heaven).

Erica is drawn Hubert's name and has to harm him. Being a kind individual, Erica is reluctant and regretful every time she harms him.

The story is good in showing a little of what some people endure in their lives, day after day.
The story is good in enticing sympathy for Hubert and understanding of Erica.

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