Hidden Marriage Diary (2022)

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Yan Qian and He Qi fell in love, Yan Qian has been working as a tour guide in a travel company in Beijing, from ordinary background. And He Qi is completely different, a handsome guy in Beijing, everyone calls him “Qi Shao”. But there are just two people, who seem to have different personalities and very different family backgrounds, but they came together, which shocked the parents of both sides, especially Ma Li, the mother of swallows, who strongly opposed their being together. She hoped that her daughter would find a “steady person” type”. Helpless, the two had no choice but to choose a hidden marriage and live in a rented house. Unexpectedly, the He family suddenly changed, and He’s father was completely bankrupt due to poor management. He Qi’s life immediately fell from the sky to the ground, and he had to work hard from the beginning. In an instant, he seemed to have grown a lot. But because his young master’s style could not be changed, and he suffered repeated setbacks in his career, under Yan Qian’s introduction, He Qi joined a travel company and started from the bottom. But in order to avoid suspicion, the two had to carry out the “hidden marriage” to the end, during which many interesting and vivid things happened. In the end, the two ended their “hidden marriage” life. He Qi relied on her own efforts to restore the family’s former happiness. Yan Qian and He Qi lived happily together.

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