Higanjima (2013)

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At midnight, a middle-aged man desperately tries to run away from a police officer. He enters an abandoned house with the cop right behind him. The police officer grabs the middle-aged man and bites his neck with his sharp teeth. He then drinks the man’s blood. The police officer looks different from other humans. Akira Miyamoto left his hometown to study at a university in Tokyo. During his summer break, he goes back to his hometown. Akira’s older brother Atsushi has been missing for about half a year. He went on a trip with his fiancé when he disappeared and his disappearance has crushed his family. Back in his hometown, he meets his old friends Yuki, Ken, Bon, Nishiyama and Kato. Before he arrived there, he met a beautiful woman who appeared suddenly in front of him. The woman’s name is Rei and she showed Akira her older brother’s driving license. Rei also told Akira that her brother is fighting vampires in the village where she lives. Akira found it hard to believe the woman’s story. Later, when Akira and his friends are attacked by vampires, he begins to believe the woman’s story. Akira and his friends decide to head out to island Higanjima to save Atsushi. What awaits for them is hellish beyond their imagination. ~~ Based on manga series “Higanjima” by Koji Matsumoto.

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