Highway of Love

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Beauty writer Anton ni to promote his new book and took part in the popular TV marriage programs “love you”, and accidentally hand Han Tibetan fans photographer show bar, with He went to the Meili Snow Mountain. Jenny fell in love with Anton boyfriend of three years, a lingerie company CEO Zeng Hao for this all the way to La chasing his girlfriend, which met Tibetan woman driver Minqiong. persistent heart of Zeng Hao Zeng Hao is kindness touched, in the pursuit of Anton Minnie makes a series of road had, sensitive intelligence to sublimate the events. When the four respective back into position when, in a sudden accident and eventually opened a the mystery of life, but also to understand Zeng Hao more to their inner being. This is a “fled to the horizon can escape love” occurs in the present Tibetan legend. …

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