Himitsu Sentai Goranger


When world peace is threatened by the emergence of an international secret society of evil called the “Black Cross Army/Black Crusaders” (黒十字軍 Kuro Jūjigun), the United Nations sets up an international peace organization called “EAGLE” (EArth Guard LEague) (国際的平和組織イーグル Kokusaiteki Heiwa Soushiki Īguru) to combat the threat. This special army is distributed to various parts of the world (designated as “Blocks”). One of the largest “Blocks” is Japan.

The “Black Cross Army/Black Crusaders”, fearful of this united threat against them, decides to launch a surprise attack against the Japan EAGLE Block and sends five of its most dangerous cyborg operatives to attack Japan’s various EAGLE branches.

Across Japan the Black Cross Army decimates its targets, killing all those who oppose them. Yet from the ashes of these destroyed bases, five young recruits miraculously survive and vow vengeance. Given a special interlocking “key”, the various survivors are summoned to snackshop “Gon”, secret gateway to EAGLE Japan’s main command center by Japan’s EAGLE Commander Edogawa Gonpachi. There they are given special formfitting electronic battlesuits, which empower its wearer with various superhuman abilities. Edogawa tells them that they are the Secret Squadron “Gorenger”, the world’s best chance against the forces of the Black Cross Army. Armed with these battlesuits and other special weapons created by EAGLE scientists, they exact their revenge upon the Black Crusaders who killed their comrades and dedicate themselves to crushing the remaining forces of the Black Cross Army and its sinister leader, Black Cross Führer.

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