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The film starts with a brief recollection of the “King of Killers”, a dangerous assassin that has been operating in most of southeast Asia. The King of Killers has no known accomplices or colleagues, is not affiliated with any government, religious, or criminal organization, and to this date their true identity has still remained secret. The King of Killers is believed to be responsible for 6 murders in the past year alone, with only one thing connecting each of the assassinations – all the victims were criminals and deserved to die.
Then the movie quickly moves on to the King of Killers’ most recent killing, the well-publicized assassination of a notorious ex-yakuza crime boss. Working swiftly, the King of Killers is able to overcome the criminal’s defense systems, quickly incapacitating the boss’s bodyguards and isolating his target. In a fit of desperation, the crime boss promises to triple whatever fee the King of Killers is being paid to kill him, then goes on to warn the vigilante that there is a massive revenge fund set to avenge his killing. Ignoring his pleas, the King of Killers silently kills the crime boss.

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