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“Holiday ” is based upon an actual incident whose roots lie in the Korean government’s preparations for the 1988 Olympics, which saw them destroy countless neighbourhoods to make way for new developments in order to impress foreign visitors. In most cases, these neighbourhoods were squatter settlements whose inhabitants were forcibly cast onto the streets. This story is brought passionately to life by director Yang Yun-ho (“Fighter in the Wind”), who crafts it into a moving and violent tale of inequality.The film’s plot follows Ji Kang Hyuk (Lee Song Jae, also in “Public Enemy”), whose best friend is gunned down during one of the clearances, and who is himself sent to prison. Here, he has the misfortune to fall under the care of Ahn Seok (played by Choi Min Soo, who starred in the director’s “Libera Me”), who just happens to be the man who killed his friend. After suffering under Ahn’s brutal regime, Ji and a motley gang of other inmates manage to escape, planning to draw attention to the oppressive and corrupt laws which have ruined so many lives.

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