Hong Fah

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Kwan Usamanee portrays the lovely child of Ae and her husband, the country’s King. Before giving birth, Ae and her husband are being sought after for death as people are hired to kill the two. Surviving, Ae goes back to live with her mother, thinking that the King (her husband) is dead. Eventually she gives birth to Hong Fah (Kwan Usamanee), but she ends up being raised by poor citizens. Tle Thanapon is portrayed as Noff, the guy who loves Hong Fah secretly (as the feelings are also mutual) and a childhood friend of HongFah. The two help one another out constantly, even in sticky situations. Once Hong Fah’s mother comes looking for her and finally finds her, Noff is left in the slums alone and terrorized due to the feelings that his love rival, played by Pai, is showing towards Hong Fah.

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