Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi 2020 (2020)

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Story 1 “A Story That Made Akazu no Ma”
Sasaki Aya, the site director of a construction shop, visited the hot spring area after being asked to renovate the banquet hall by a long-established inn, was handed a blueprint by the designer Kijima Souji. It was a blueprint for a strange Japanese-style room with no doorway. Although Aya was suspicious, she started construction, but mysterious events happened one after another at the site.

Story 2 “Karaoke Shop with Translation”
Oono Yohei, a karaoke clerk, was plagued by strange phenomena that often occur at work. Actually, the building where this store is located is a little flirty. One night, a former clerk, Yoshioka Sho, comes to the store with his colleague Kanai Miku. He entered the room first, leaving behind saying, “I’ll bring you later.” After a while, a woman with long hair comes to the front desk. She said, “I want you to guide me to room 8.” Yohei guides the woman to the 8th room where Yoshioka is, while feeling the atmosphere.

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