Hungry Souls: From Hell, with Love (2024)

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Set during the annual Hungry Ghost Festival, “Hungry Souls: From Hell, with Love” tells the tale of Bao, a catering chef with the ability to see spirits. Having been traumatised by hungry souls as a child, Bao has learnt to avoid ghosts or risk being besieged by their endless requests or menacing threats.

During this year’s festival, Bao finds himself followed by the enigmatic and beautiful female spirit, Soo Lian. Having been a lost spirit for nearly 50 years, she has no recollections of her living memories or her untimely death. All that remains is her heart’s aching for a reunion with her lover, Hock. Upon realising that Bao could see her, Soo Lian implores him for his help. Bao’s attempts to ward her off backfire as she learns that his cooking seems to unlock the hidden mysteries behind her life and tragic death. Her relentless disturbance leaves a helpless Bao with no choice but to be her reluctant associate.

What ensues is a rhapsodic, emotional, and treacherous entanglement, as the duo overcome their differences to unravel past lives and confront their destinies, all whilst coming to terms with their budding romance.

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