I Am Reiko Shiratori!

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Can she be honest about her true feelings? Reiko Shiratori (Mayuko Kawakita) is a wealthy girl who is saved from bullies one day by Tetsuya Matsumoto (Masaru Mizuno). Reiko falls in love with Tetsuya but is never able to be honest about her feelings to herself or to him.

When Tetsuya goes to Tokyo to attend college, Reiko follows him there, despite her parents’ protests. Will Reiko overcome her pride to finally profess her true feelings for Tetsuya?

“Shiratori Reiko” is a 2016 Japanese drama series directed by Shinji Kuma. It is based on the manga “Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu!” by Yumiko Suzuki. A number of previous adaptations of the manga also have aired on television and in “Shiratori Reiko The Movie” in 2016.

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