I Can’t Stand Being Waiting (2019)

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Set during a period of reform, Li Chunsheng represents the Chinese worker who becomes braver in the face of obstacles and takes up the burden of caring for others.

Towards the end of 1990’s, Li Chunsheng of Hongxing Coal Mine obtains a national prestige as a model worker. At the grand celebration, he meets Bai Jie who has just started working. Li Chunsheng falls for Bai JIe at first sight but her mother Ding Ruilan is against their relationship.

In spite of the doubts about him, Li Chunsheng persisted for his love. Sadly, Bai Jie dies due to complications at chidbirth. Li Chungsheng tries to get back on his feet, aligning his personal interests with that of the company, all while taking care of his family.

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