I Don’t Know if the East is White


Tang Jibai was homeless as a child in a car accident with his parents. Dongfang adopted him. Years later, Tang Jibai was a successful law professor, while Dongfang Bai was a proud and daring gold lawyer. Tang Jibai was imprisoned because he was accidentally involved in a wounding case, and his attitude towards Dongfang was also abnormal. In order to clear Tang’s grievances, Dongfang spared no effort to be an enemy of the whole world. Ma Zhean, the young owner of Tianjing Law Firm, didn’t know Dongfangchao, and he gradually loved and pursued Dongfangchao. However, Dongfangchao was unmoved. While accepting the case, he helped Tang Jie clean his injustice and help him out of prison. After being released from prison, Tang Jibai and Dongfang sometimes joined forces and sometimes faced each other. While investigating the conspiracy behind the death of their parents, the two’s feelings gradually became firm with each other …

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