I Have a Smart Doctor Wife Season 2 (2023)

Princess Consort Is No Pushover" (神医毒妃不好惹) is a captivating tale adapted from the popular web novel written by Jian Bing Juan Da Cong Gou Zi (煎饼卷大葱狗子).Set in a vibrant world where martial arts, romance, and political intrigue intertwine, the story follows the extraordinary journey of a remarkable princess consort. Gifted with exceptional skills as a divine physician and possessing a deadly poison, she is far from being a pushover.As the narrative unfolds, the princess consort navigates a treacherous court filled with power-hungry nobles and cunning enemies. Facing countless challenges and conspiracies, she rises above expectations, defying stereotypes and showcasing her unwavering strength and intelligence.

Adapted from the web novel "Princess Consort Is No Pushover" (神医毒妃不好惹) by Jian Bing Juan Da Cong Gou Zi (煎饼卷大葱狗子).

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