I Love Beijing Tiananmen (2020)

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In the early 1990s, the northern Shaanxi boys often happy to drop the college entrance examination, because of the secret love of the Beijing head teacher a word of encouragement with 500 yuan to run away from home to Beijing, his dream is very simple, look at the parents often mentioned Tiananmen, find a Beijing girl as a wife, clothes Jin return home. But on the way to Tiananmen, often happy but repeatedly frustrated, a “woman rescue silly fool” farce so that often happy from now on with the Beijing girl Li Wei divided into a grunt. As a member of the North drift, often happy to realize the dream after a thousand hardships, saw all kinds of different characters of the Beijing girl, have been helped also produced an inexplicable misunderstanding, but also for the work of all taste the sweet and bitter life. But he did not abandon not give up, turn to the past two decades, during which the often happy history of struggle has series the two decades of change in China, showing the differences between Beijingers and foreigners and integration. Finally often happy and Li Wei finally hard to pay for what they wish, often happy and therefore understand where to marry a girl when the wife is not important, it is important to love you also love the woman, is where people are not important, are Chinese

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