I’m a Small Blade of Grass (2009)


Lin Xiao Cao has experienced numerous hardships in her life, including her boyfriend’s (later husband) infidelity and the calculated plotting of her sister-in-law. However, she still maintains a healthy outlook on life while taking care of her mother-in-law and the son her husband had with another woman. She also tries her best to help others and still believes that there is true love in this world. She has a remarkable way of connecting with people and diffusing conflict, including the vengeful wrath of a man named Liu Shui. After Liu Shui learns that he’s actually been pouring salt into an already wounded soul, he falls in love with Xiao Cao and begins to pursue her. However, Xiao Cao tries to convince herself that it’s impossible for such an accomplished man to truly be in love with her and tries to evade Liu Shui’s advances.

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