Idol Moms


Five youngsters are selected from thousands of applicants to compete in a reality show that could make them into an idol. Endless challenges and rigorous training are essential parts of the competition. All for what? A chance to work with the most illustrious entertainment agencies in the country. The competition is real, and the pressure, insurmountable. But the true competitions lies elsewhere: Mom. These Idol Moms are even more dedicated and ambitious than their children. Whether it’s a working mom, a former supermodel, and the self-professed “dance mom,” each mother is twice as motivated as her child. From designing their outfits to battling the details of their contracts, these moms will leave no stone unturned until their kid is an idol. The contestants include: dance/math prodigy and former reality TV contestant Yeom Da Hyun, Kim Nae Oh from Wanna One’s video “Beautiful,” hip hop specialist Jung Jae Woong, dance wunderkind Lee Hyun Jin, and model student Yoo Chae Young. With their multitute of talents, these kids are definitely not here to play games. In addition to their mothers’ “support,” the kids are coached by the biggest names in the industry. Kang Ta (H.O.T.) serves as MC and mentor to the contestants. Jang Jin Young (Black Beat, vocal trainer for EXO, Red Velvet and SHINee) works as the voice coach. Kim Tae Woo, dance trainer for EXO, SHINee’s Taemin and Super Junior’s Eun Hyuk), serves as the kids’ dance coach. With guest appearances from other idols and intensive sessions in SM Entertainment’s legendarily rigorous idol training program, the kids will soon realize that being an idol is hard work. And that’s even before they have to deal with their moms. Idol Moms is inspired by the American reality show “Dance Moms.”

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