If You Are The One

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Looking for the one true love is hard. That’s why, sometimes, it helps when you have 24 choices. If they choose you too, that is. 24 women are presented with a bachelor. After learning about his occupation and habits, they are given a glimpse of the man. In return, the girls present themselves on the runway and the bachelor places them in two categories: the “Favorites” and the “Observation” group. The favorites can turn their interest light on or off at any time, clearly indicating at what point they lose interest in the man. Girls in the Observation group, however, don’t have that option; all they can do is show their interest falling or peaking on their love thermometer. The bachelor then picks two–not one, two–girls. In the end, following some questions and a few more swap options, he will pick the girl he wants to go on a romantic getaway with. In one final twist, if the girl he picked had switched her light off and made clear that she does not like him, the bachelor goes home alone. The bachelor has many choices, but the final call will be made by the very woman he chooses. She may also like him, or she may very well leave him hanging, proving once again that the toughest question to answer is if the one we want truly is the one we end up with. Also known as “Fei Chang Wu Rao” in its native Mandarin and “Not Sincere, Don’t Disturb,” If You Are the One is a long-running and immensely popular dating game show.

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