Impetuous Love in Action

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Merry and narcissistic, rebellious, depending on the beautiful trophy after the game as your son coaster Tian Jialiang (Sun Jian ornaments) and buddies and personal lawyer Bishou Xin (Kenneth Ma ornaments) in star hotel pool suffered from a “Zhimingxiehou “not because of who you are girl crazy anti beat. Bishou Xin Tian Jialiang vindictive found these to Zhoudan Tong (Lin Ruixi ornaments), led and are proficient in Wing Chun’s beauty stewardess, so deliberately silly with strong bodyguard duty under the guise of tourism to Zhoudan Tong flights opportunistic finding fault, the results of stubble did not find Zhoudan Tong has been cleverly teased a lot, lost face.

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