In the Name of the Law

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Xu Zhi Yi’s wife was murdered in cold blood. The vice-captain of the crime investigation team dies while trying to save Xu Zhi Yi as he resisted arrest. This is a story about one wrongful conviction and two generations of prosecutors.
Criminal investigator Ge Da Jie and his captain Chou Mu were under tight orders to crack the case involving Liu Sha Sha’s death. All evidence point toward her husband Xu Zhi Yi as the culprit. Liu Sha Sha’s mother also believes him to be the killer. When Chou Mu dies in pursuit of Xu Zhi Yi, Ge Da Jie despairs at the loss of a friend and grows firm in his belief that Xu Zhi Yi is the real killer.
Due to selfish motives, Chen Qian He turns a blind eye to the suspicious thumbprints that he comes across. Hence, even though prosecutor Zou Xiong had some reservations about the case, the court sentences Xu Zhi Yi to prison. However, no one knows that their actions are like a curse that involves two generations of people.

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