In The Storm (2022)

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This drama “In The Storm – Black Gold Storm 2022” is tells the story of the serious case group senior inspector Wei Jingsheng and Hong Kong ICAC senior investigation director He Weilian in the process of murder accidentally, several framed by stolen money, killer chase, partner, finally found out the truth of the story.

“black gold storm” is a suspense drama starring lin feng, zhou xiuna, huang haoran, leung jinghui, lian shiya, li cansen, wu dairong, guo zhenghong, mai changqing, he peiyu, etc., and xiong dailin and wu qihua, mainly telling the story of wei jingsheng, senior inspector of the serious crime unit, and he weilian, senior investigation director of the hong kong independent commission against corruption, who met unexpectedly in the process of arresting the murderer, was framed by stolen money, hunted down and killed by the killer, and finally found out the truth after the partners turned their backs. it is reported that there are nine major cases in “black gold storm” that run through the whole play, and some of the cases are adaptations of real events.

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