Innocent Lilies 2

The new classmates of “Innocent Lilies” have successfully completed their secret training at the White Witch Academy, but can they save the world? Moga Shiratori (Moga Mogami), like all the girls who are chosen to attend the White Witch Academy, harbored deep emotional scars from their pasts. But through their grueling training, they were able to harness their pain to discover their true powers as White Witches. But the new witches are suddenly faced with an evil group known as the Black Witches, who have taken one of their girls. As Moga and her friends infiltrate their Black Witch Academy, can they rescue their friend and protect the world from the evil powers of these enemies? “Innocent Lilies 2” is the second season of the popular 2013 Japanese fantasy series “Innocent Lilies.” It is directed by Koichi Sakamoto and stars the members of the popular Japanese girl group

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