Iron Masked Singer (2010)

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Rich businessman Bai Yi Ming brought his fiancee Ah Bu, to his beautiful Rose Manor. In the coming nights, Ah Bu encountered a series of mysterious events, accompanied with her nightmares. She went to her fiance and sought an answer.
Bai Yi Ming was rescued and slept with a woman named Hu Yin Yin. He promised to return and marry Hu Yin Yin. However, he never returned. Hu Yin Yin learns of her pregnancy, and travels to Shanghai in search of Bai Yi Ming.
Destiny kept playing tricks on the poor girl. Just when she’s about to abandon her life, another man appeared, musician Tao Da Wei, a man who would always take care of her and love her. While Bai Yi Ming was playing with different women, Tao Da Wei and Hu Yin Yin went through numerous difficulties. Hu Yin Yin gave birth to a pair of twins.
Tao Da Wei found that Hu Yin Yin had an beautiful voice. However, in a brutal accident, Hu Yin Yin was disfigured. Left with no choice, she was convinced to wear a mask. Fate had its turn when Hu Yin Yin once again meet Bai Yi Ming. She also found that their history left no imprint on Bai Yi Ming. However, Bai Yi Ming begins to court Hu Yin Yin, who’s stage name is Hu Die. But everything didn’t go as smooth as it should. In the end, they were told that Hu Die died.

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