Ishitachi no Renai Jijou

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35-year-old Morita Haruki is a surgeon who only thinks about saving patients 24 hours a day, every day. A compassionate man with a strong sense of justice, he pushes back against the university hospital system which prioritises profit and power. However, he has forgotten how to love because he has put work before romance and his hectic job. In order to hone his skills as a surgeon, Haruki gets a position at Koyo Medical University Hospital through his senior, Nishi Yusuke, an associate professor at the department of surgery. After parting ways with Nishi at a hotel, Haruki learns that a guest had thrown up blood and collapsed at the reception hall, and he rushes over to the scene. Kondo Chizuru, a surgeon from Koyo Medical University Hospital who had been attending the reception, is already treating the guest. However, word comes that the condition of her patient suddenly deteriorated. Haruki makes an offer to take over and urges her to go back to the hospital. When he visits Koyo Medical University Hospital the next day, he meets Chizuru again and tells her that they will be working together. That morning, Watanabe Mikio, the head of the administrative department, delivers a talk to all staff including anaesthetist Kawai Nana, lecturer Takahashi Sotaro and the physician Ichikawa Tomoko. Watanabe reports that the head of the medical department was made to resign because of adultery. He tells everyone that the hospital has the right to remove elements which have an impact on operations and romantic problems within the hospital will be dealt with severely in the future. Haruki is warned by his senior, One Ryota, not to examine anything beyond what is written in the letter of introduction, and immediately sees an outpatient. However, Haruki only has the patient’s interest in mind, and a patient referred to for surgery ends up going back. Haruki clashes with One. Meanwhile, he learns that Miura, the patient Chizuru is in charge of, has been complaining that he is not feeling well even though he is due to be discharged soon. He suggests an additional examination to Chizuru. However, Chizuru replies that he would be better off going back to the previous hospital if he wants to spend time and be there for individual patients … …

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