It All Began When I Met You


‘Subete wa Kimi ni Aeta Kara’ follows various different people and couples in 6 loosely connected stories. All of the stories are set at Tokyo Station and take place just before Christmas. The different characters range from a company president who distrusts human beings, to a train driver who just received the shocking diagnosis that he has only half a year left to live. # “Eve no Koibito” (‘Christmas Eve Lover’) – A company president (Tamaki) meets a woman (Takanashi), who just lost a beloved person, in a restaurant at Tokyo Station. He thinks that all women only like his money and enjoys being alone. She originally moved to Tokyo to become an actress, but now she is planning to go back to her hometown right after her short play at an orphanage. # “Enkyori Renai” (‘Long Distance Relationship’) – A love-dovey couple that is going through a long distance relationship. She (Kimura) is an aspiring fashion designer in Tokyo and he (Higashide) is a construction worker in Sendai. Will their hectic schedules allow them to at least meet each other on Christmas? # “Christmas Present” – Ichikawa plays a woman who works in an orphanage. That day she is waiting for the new mother of the 7-year-old Akane to come and pick her up. # “Nibun no Ichi Seijin Shiki” (‘A Half Coming-Of-Age Ceremony’) – A train driver (Tokito) who cannot bring himself to tell his son that he only has half a year left to live. The train driver’s wife is played by Otsuka. # “Christmas no Yuuki” (‘Christmas Courage’) – A part-timer (Honda) at a cake shop has a crush on her senior at work, but she lacks the courage to approach him. # “Okurete Kita Present” (‘Belated Present’) – The owner of the cake shop at Tokyo Station (Baisho) gets reminded of a promise that she made with a certain someone (Kobayashi) 49 years ago.

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