Jeni Juno


Jeni , Juno is a drama based on what is becoming a serious trouble in Korean society. While the main characters in Jeni, Juno are not as bad as the real ones in society, the movie tries to reflect the issue with more light-hearted way.

Jeni and Juno are 15 years old. And they are an official couple that every student knows in their school. They really do get along well and very close, close enough to have sexual relationship apparently.
One day, Jeni takes pregnancy test and it is positive!
Jeni panics at first but calms down rather fast and tells Juno about the baby. Despite of the problem, Jeni and Juno are still bright and positive. They wanted to protect the baby and the only way to do so was hide the fact from everyone else, even from their parents. Their secretive life begins like that..

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