Jiajia’s Lovely Journey (2022)

The drama on the “slow-growing” people who are currently confused, and tells about the problems of work, life and emotions among young people in the context of a large society. How this group of “slow-growing” people find themselves, return to their hearts, and change their life plans are the highlights of the show, which resonate with young audiences. In the drama, after suffering the double blow of unemployment and lovelorn, He Jiajia, facing the harshness and control of her mother, awakened her late adolescence, left the high-pressure urban life, and came to the idyllic countryside full of natural beauty, where she encountered all kinds of people including Fang Wenyu, a writer who is completely different from her. The two went from misunderstanding each other to solving problems together. In the idyllic scenery and simple interpersonal care, they gradually learned to slow down, examine their past life and self, search for a new direction, start anew, and write a pastoral love story.

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