Jian Lin Tian Xia (2005)

You think you have already known everything about the dark-faced Judge Bao? Well, think again. Jian Lin Tian Xia presents you a brand new look of this impartial and incorruptible judge in a way that you have never ever dreamt of before. Among the tons of costume dramas produced in the mainland China, this title is the very first attempt on a light and yet thought-provoking subject revolving around a circle of young people. Believe it or not, Justice Bao here has to compete with his sidekick Zhan Zhao for the favor of a woman standing out with her exoticism. Also, Wang Chao and Ma Han, who are the bodyguards of Bao, are caught up in a plot remarkably similar to the award-winning Hong Kong movie Internal Affairs. Many more contemporary hot issues ranging from the bird flu, the drug problems to even the news in the football fields can also be located in this innovative production. So are you ready for this altogether different world featuring a cast of familiar historic names?

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