K-Pop Tasty Road

U-KISS member Eli Kim and solo sensation NS Yoonji host the internationally-acclaimed variety show that seamlessly blends K-pop and food in an irresistible recipe for fun. Eli and NS, in the first season of the long-running series, visit some of Korea’s hottest restaurants and talk nutrition, the entertainment industry and, of course, K-pop. In addition to the widely varied cuisine and new themes each week, the show also highlights where the iconic stars go to shop, have fun and work. Between cafes, steakhouses and flower shops, there is enough culture and variety here to make this one of the most mouth-watering trips of Korea on any screen. Plus, in-between delicious meals, the celebrities discuss romance, dish dirt on fellow stars in the entertainment industry, and share poignant facts about their own lives to give a greater sense of the person behind the performance. Guests for the season include the ultra-popular U-KISS (Go! Series), who form a team against their fellow member to help NS Yoonji make the best kimchi, and explosive group Supernova (aka Choshinsung), who film a mini-drama with the hosts where Eli serves as the director.
Originally premiering in 2012, K-Pop Tasty Road is a version of the ever-popular celebrity food show Tasty Road (2010), with a specific focus on K-pop. Since its inception, the various iterations of the show have included hosts Park Soo Jin (Flower Boy Next Door), Park Soo Young (After School’s Lizzy), Kim Sung Eun (Thank You), Kim Yura (Be Arrogant), Kim Min Jung (Forbidden Quest) and the debut K-pop season’s NS Yoonji and Eli Kim. The show has been a mainstay of Korean variety entertainment that has won fans the world over, and is amongst the bigger names in the genre, alongside the international sensation Running Man. The show debuted on Olive TV on November 10, 2012, with the original season running for 8 episodes, before eventually changing MCs but maintaining its basic premise of guests accompanying the hosts to a fresh eatery each week.
The extended cast for the show’s debut season includes Eli Kim and NS Yoonji as hosts, with guests including Jung Yoon Hak, Kim Sung Je, Kim Kwang Su, Yoon Sung Mo, Song Ji Hyuk, Park Geon Il, Soohyun, Kiseop, AJ, Yeo Hoon Min, and Kevin Woo

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